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Creative Change

Given the tectonic shifts in society and work accelerated by Covid-19, adult educators face an enormous challenge: how to rapidly adjust service provision to respond to learners’ new needs. Transnational collaboration in EU-funded projects, have long been a fast-track to improving and innovating education services. Our ability to identify new solutions and work with colleagues from other sectors can make the difference in bringing real change. To this end, Creative Change seeks to learn from the creative sector.

Design thinking has emerged as a proven, more human centric approach and empiric studies have shown that project managers exposed to design thinking, “played an active role both in the problem definition phase and in synthesizing new solutions that create value for users.”

The target group of Creative Change are project managers and staff from adult education organizations, most of them being active educators. Estimated at 25,000 persons across Europe they need a practical way to develop new skills in the design, delivery and evaluation of AE projects with a strong digital focus, given the limitations that Covid-19 has imposed.

Working with this group, our objective is clear: develop the skills of adult education project staff to embrace the use of creative project methodologies, digital tools and collaborative strategies which will help them move from narrow process-oriented work to broader people-centred, impact-oriented practices.

In the framework of the project, we will produce 3 new resources:

-The Creative Change Guide
-Creative Change Space
-Creative Change Hackathons

We will rigorously use, test and refine the resources in collaboration with 210+ target users, to optimising their effectiveness and quality.


Katalin Gordos


2021 - 2023


Die Berater (AT)
European E-learning Institute (DK)
EUCEN (European Universities Continuing Education Network) (E)
Materahub (IT)