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How can an educational project be creative?

We are constantly seeing how our changing world affects every aspect of our lives – including education and work. Everyday life demands more and more flexibility and creativity from us – why would this not also be true for our educational projects, in the field of non-formal education?



The best way to lay the foundations for being able to react flexibly and creatively even to the most unexpected situations is to continuously develop our skills. Two projects are given, the key element of which is to develop skills, find creative solutions and through them build a community of like-minded people. We thought we would bring them together for a discussion, so that the participants could share experiences and think together about the issues and problems that are most pressing for them.

We invited two panellists MAREN SATKE, project manager of the CREATIVE CHANGE project, and ESZTER BOROS, project coordinator and founder of CAREERS IN THE COMMON GOOD, who have taken on the role of bridge between these projects in this talk.

Here you can listen to the podcast version of the discussion: