Tímea Kókai-Nagy – project manager

Creative Change

Given the tectonic shifts in society and work accelerated by Covid-19, adult educators face an enormous challenge: how to rapidly adjust service provision to respond to learners’ new needs. Transnational collaboration in EU-funded projects, have long been a fast-track to improving and innovating education services. Our ability to identify new solutions and work with colleagues from other sectors can make the difference in bringing real change. To this end, Creative Change seeks to learn from the creative sector.

Careers in the Common Good

Our mission is to “Inspire the young adults of Central and Eastern Europe to apply their passion for the enrichment of their communities”. We do this through immersive ten-day programmes: a summer course for 18-25-year-olds and a project bootcamp for 25+. Young experts from the public, private and non-profit sectors teach interactive workshops on their fields (e.g. human rights, sustainability) and share their career paths and struggles. We guide participants in starting their own attainable projects. Through this, we also build a community of open-minded youth in the region.