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The project’s main aim is the development of innovative digital tools for educating young people on media literacy.

We are doing this by curating an interdisciplinary approach focused on the design of immersive technology and interactive experiences, drawing on collaboration between organisations in the audiovisual / immersive technology, media, educational and cultural sectors. Educational and media organisations in Europe struggle to adapt their products and offers, to respond to the needs of a young target group. As a result, young people are more exposed than other audiences to the rapid spread of misinformation. We see a need for development of digital tools that are based on immersive and experiential learning, to educate young people and raise their interest in media literacy. With this project, we are bringing together interdisciplinary professionals working on the topic of fake news, to exchange experiences on transformative approaches to media literacy. We are designing an enhanced augmented reality escape room game on fake news, as well as guidelines and materials for diverse professionals, to integrate it in their work, and transfer knowledge across sectors. We also integrate the game together with artistic installations in a digital narrative that can be showcased across cultural and educational events. Our approach is meant to provide a sustainable ready-to-use tool, increase interest in critical art and critical design, as well as open up new opportunities for product development in the media literacy space.

The project’s showcase at Sziget festival:


Kókai-Nagy Tímea


2022 - 2024


Polycular (AT)
La Fabbrica (IT)
Expert Forum (RO)