Rebeka Wende – project manager

Since childhood, I was raised with a consciousness of preserving my environment, especially plants and animals. This mentality has accompanied me throughout my studies, as my degree in environmental engineering has made me even more committed to this position. I believe that through art and PP Green’s projects we can better engage people in sustainability and environmental awareness.


Máté Tenke – project manager

Although the arts have centuries of experience in the struggle for freedom and human rights, they have yet to tackle the greatest collective challenge facing humanity: climate change. Its current toolkit is not up to the task, full of harmful topos such as the individualism of Romanticism, the image of the lonely hero, the fragmentation of modernism, the short-sightedness of today’s mainstream media, which make art incapable of rising to the task. I am interested in this challenge, which is also an opportunity for renewal that transforms both the ideological and practical tools of art.

The Big Green

With our flagship project, The Big Green, we are bringing environmentally-engaged artists under one large-scale umbrella initiative and experiment with innovative ways of using art to promote sustainability.

Le Cake

Led by the French La Transplanisphère, the Le Cake project aims to bring together representatives from the cultural and creative sectors and other sectors to create innovative artistic works on the theme of sustainability, using the collective knowledge they have accumulated.


eARTh is a unique project designed by the Golden Movie Production, from Larissa, in collaboration with Associazione Casa della Città Leopolda from Pisa and Pro Progressione from Budapest, within the framework of the Creative Europe 2021 program.


Golden Movie Production (GR)
Associazione Casa della Città Leopolda (IT)