Fruzsina Dézsi – cultural manager, Head of PP Green


Bálint Antal – project manager

In my opinion, art should not exist for its own sake, it should be a tool that works towards an end goal. Such a goal could be the fight against climate change. What I enjoy the most about my work is that at PP Green, we strive to bring these two fields closer together while offering a platform to the artists and experts involved in our projects and helping our environment and the communities involved. In my projects, I try to build on the experiences I have gained in my personal life and in my artistic adventures, so a do-it-yourself attitude and a community-centered, participatory approach are particularly important to me.

Green Academy

Pro Progressione’s Green Pillar emphasizes the integration of artistic practices with the more-than-human environment. We lead and collaborate on various projects, focusing on sustainability and connecting artists with critical environmental issues. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive approach and consistent methodology for sustainable creative practices, we initiated the development of our Eco-Metrics methodology in spring 2024, set for publication soon.


Climate change is long-term and one of the major challenges to modern society. The current and future developments in terms of mitigation and adaptation to climate change impose the question of a comprehensive transformation of the whole society, including necessary changes in the fields of culture and art. The RE-IMAGINE project is one of the pioneering European cooperation projects in this field, focusing on the green transformation of the performing arts sector, especially in the context of the less developed EU countries.

LIFE Bauhausing Europe

Project full name: Beautiful, sustainable, together: validation of the New European Bauhaus approach for the reimagination of public buildings as boosting projects for the transformation of their neighbourhoods
Project number: Project 101113886 — LIFE22-ENV-ES-LIFEBauhausingEurope


Young Climate Campaigners for the European Green Deal

CLICA leverages artivism (art + activism) to promote youth engagement with climate change and increase the voice of disadvantaged youth in the EU’s climate policy.


GREEN E.Th.I.Cs – Green Experience through Theatre Inspiring Communities is a European social and community theatre project developed by 18 partners in 12 countries. It implements cultural initiatives of civic engagement to create climate change awareness and foster citizens’ critical thinking and proactivity with respect to the European Green Deal, through performing arts. It adopts playfulness to make climate activism more engaging, via board games, online games and theatre.

The Big Green

With our flagship project, The Big Green, we are bringing environmentally-engaged artists under one large-scale umbrella initiative and experiment with innovative ways of using art to promote sustainability.

Le Cake

Led by the French La Transplanisphère, the Le Cake project aims to bring together representatives from the cultural and creative sectors and other sectors to create innovative artistic works on the theme of sustainability, using the collective knowledge they have accumulated.


eARTh is a unique project designed by the Golden Movie Production, from Larissa, in collaboration with Associazione Casa della Città Leopolda from Pisa and Pro Progressione from Budapest, within the framework of the Creative Europe 2021 program.


Golden Movie Production (GR)
Associazione Casa della Città Leopolda (IT)