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Gergő Paukovics – project manager

Culture and our cultural heritage are a set of unfinished, imperfect, ever-changing, self-affecting processes. This nature of it makes it attractive for me; it is shaping us every day, and whether intentionally or unintentionally, but we also actively contribute to its formation. PP Cult pillar projects and the people who work in them are active participants in these processes.

First Europe

FIRST EUROPE aims to promote and celebrate European archaeological heritage with a special focus to the fascinating site of Lepenski Vir in Serbia, which formed one of the oldest settlements in Europe, hence the name of our project: FIRST EUROPE.

ECHO Academies

ECHO Academies, based on the experience of implementing “ECHO: European Cultural Heritage Onstage” and “ECHO II: Traditions in Transition”, addresses issues of visibility, networking, employability and opportunities to enter the art market for new European talents. For that purpose, it uses heritage as an inspirational tool, building on the values of the European and glocal perceptions of heritage.


The CREAMARE project aims to create a trans-national and cross-sectorial collaboration framework in which cultural organizations, scientific/research bodies, creative professionals, and technology experts co-produce CC applications and media contents to communicate, disseminate and promote Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH). Simultaneously, the project is raising awareness about relevant social problems like pollution and other environmental threats that affect the oceans.

Journey to the Beginnings

Journey to the Beginnings is a collaborative project involving prehistoric cultural heritage sites and museums, contemporary arts and new technologies to rediscover and promote the prehistoric cultural heritage of the ancient civilizations that lived along the river Danube. is an international project that connects cultural and creative sectors with the aim of bringing artists – and thus arts – closer to museum collections by trial a digital application. This tool will provide an opportunity for artists from different backgrounds to build their own narrative for museums and visitors, using a digital collection.