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Project website is an international project that connects cultural and creative sectors with the aim of bringing artists – and thus arts – closer to museum collections by trial a digital application. This tool will provide an opportunity for artists from different backgrounds to build their own narrative for museums and visitors, using a digital collection.

This new approach to the use of digital collections can also serve educational purposes and, in addition to enhancing the visitor experience, will hopefully encourage collaboration between different sectors. The artists and cultural professionals involved will learn the basics of collaboration and digital interpretation through a joint test-training developed by the Association of Cultural Heritage Managers. At the end of the project, an academic methodological evaluation will be published on the results of the cross-sectoral cooperation and the training.

The project is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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The MUSEAR platform is a multi-module digital system that enables easy creation, maintenance and consumption of multimedia mobile applications. The mission of MUSEAR platform is to facilitate the creation of digital narrative in the field of cultural heritage (museums and galleries) and tourism.

The platform is available here

On 14 & 15 December, we close our project with a two-day conference entitled Reshaping Experience and Storytelling in Museums. Our conference takes a broader look at digital developments and communication challenges in museums, and aims to bring good examples from the recent years.

The conference’s full programme leaflet is available here

Presentation of Artur Silic at the conference:


Gergő Paukovics


February 2021 - January 2023


IVAR Studios (S)
Novena d.o.o. (HR)
Kulturális Örökség Menedzserek Egyesülete (HU)
Howest (NL)
Lepenski Vir Archeological Museum (RS)
NaFilM – National Film Museum (CZ)