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Pro Progressione

Pro Progressione is a Budapest-based artistic hub that connects people, professions and ambitions by designing international collaborations in the field of culture. From this combination, creative ideas emerge – artists, cultural activists, scientists and experts of various fields meet and give cutting-edge answers for the questions of our age.

We focus our capacities on the fields where we aim to have a positive long-term impact, thus Pro Progressione is built up on four main pillars, PP Social, PP Cult, PP Arts and PP Sound. We are active in the field of socially engaged arts, cultural & natural heritage interpretation, music as tradition and the productions of unique performances. Our innovative team disposes of a large scale of professional competences and creativity, each of our members are personally engaged with arts and culture.

Pro Progressione has been implementing numerous international projects supported by the European Commission. We believe in interdisciplinary creation, in a mutual exchange between disciplines, art forms and actors of social and artistic fields. Our overall objective is to create an international network of artists, institutions and audiences by helping the communities to find their path towards arts.

Pro Progressione is active in a wide range of cultural associations and programmes: Culture Action Europe, IETM, MitOst, Voices of Culture, Association of Independent Performing Arts in Hungary. In 2021, Pro Progressione has been selected as an official partner of the European Commission’s New European Bauhaus Initiative in which we team up with a wide range of inspiring networks, associations, and organizations across Europe. In this new European movement, we act as community managers, sounding boards and key interlocutors to imagine and build together a sustainable and inclusive future.