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C’man is an international project aims to respond to current challenges of the Cultural and Creative Sectors and to the growing need for relevant training opportunities in Cultural Management.

New challenges keep rising in the creative sector such as globalisation, the twin green and digital transitions or decreasing funding opportunities. Furthermore, the cultural and creative sectors have been among the hardest hit by the COVID-19. With the involvement of international partners, trainers and practitioners, the project aims to develope strategies that can help them to adapt the rapidly changing sector.

The project is based on a methodological exchange between the four partners, Pro Progressione, KEA European Affairs, The Green Room and the Central European University. Through international cooperation, the programme will provide an opportunity for experts from different regions to share their experience and to cover as much as possible the challenges faced by the sector. Due to the pre-project surveys, the result material will focus on project management, change management and the development of the transition to environmental awareness. The objective of the cooperation, along these lines, is to develop strategies a training material offering solutions and methodologies for those working in the creative sector, and which can be easily adapted by VET trainers. The materials resulting from the project aim to upskill Cultural Managers in the field of professional project management, change management, green project management to adapt to the new labour market needs.


Judit Királyné Kőműves


2022 - 2023


KEA European Affairs (BE)
The Green Room (FR)
Central European University (AT)