New European Bauhaus

Pro Progressione applied and was selected for official partnership with the New European Bauhaus initiative in April 2021. As partner Pro Progrssione is excited to contribute to the building of the partnership, channeling the outcomes and ideas to our local context and wide international network as well as contributing to the work in the initiative by representing the voices of our partners.

During the next period, our main focus is to contribute to the visibility of the New European Bauhaus initiative in Hungary and foster local stakeholders to get involved and engage with the common aims. We will organize open discussions about the program as well as we will use our large scale events to reach the European society with the idea of the three pillars.

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What is the New European Bauhaus Initiative?

New European Bauhaus is an initiative launched by the European Commission with the core purpose of creating a movement and platform for designing future ways of living. The initiative is centred around three pillars: sustainability, inclusivity and arts and culture. New European Bauhaus aims to be a co-created initiative, and as such is currently in its co-design phase. Organisations and individuals have multiple ways to get involved and are encouraged to contribute their ideas, best practice examples and identified challenges, or share related material through a dedicated online portal. Organisations that would like to get more deeply involved can also host conversations around the priority topics, or even apply to become official New European Bauhaus partner.

The co-design phase will be closed by summer 2021, after which the delivery and dissemination phases will follow. We can expect New European Bauhaus prizes, calls for proposals for New European Bauhaus pilot projects, and likely also complementary initiatives and policy instruments. More information on the initiative can be found on the official website.

See full list of New European Bauhaus partners.

Stay tuned for follow-up events and conversation about the New European Bauhaus initiative!

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On 11 June, our Our Space event will take place in conjunction with the NEB Festival. Our aim is to raise awareness that more liveable urban spaces can be created not only through huge investments, but also through the power of community collaboration, creativity and small budgets.