Katalin György-Dóczy – cultural manager, Head of PP Sound

Orsolya Kaincz 1

Orsolya Kaincz – project manager

As a sound artist and project manager of the Pro Progressione Sound Pillar, my main motivation is to encourage awareness of our sound environment by exploring the cultural, ecological, and political layers of the sounds around us, which helps to reflect on and foster change in the complex social and environmental challenges we face.

S-EEE – Sustainable EEEmerging

Sustainable EEEmerging (Emerging European Ensembles) is aiming to boost the sustainability of young artist careers and of organisations in Early Music.
This project fosters the transformation of Early Music into a sustainable and vibrant ecosystem.

HoME – Home. Music. Europe.

Our inner stories connected to wars, enmity, traumas are part of our oral history overarching generations in our family and can not be shared easily as they are extremely subjective and intimate. Our Family House project aims to create a space in which these shared stories can meet and become something nonverbal. Content of the shared words can be transferred to music in the form of a mobile installation set up in four countries settlements.


The mission of MOST is to boost the music market of the Balkans, by connecting and supporting actors of the world music scene; artists, managers, festivals and institutions. MOST builds a bridge connecting the Balkans and the global music market, a bridge made up of personal connections, experience and exchange.


Supporting and Promoting Arts in Rural Settlements of Europe (SPARSE) will foster rural touring in the partner countries taking performances by professional performing arts companies and artists into rural areas to rural audiences in local community venues.

Transparent Sound New Music Festival

The Transparent Sound New Music Festival (meaning also ‘see-through note’) was founded by two composers, Balázs Horváth and Samu Gryllus, in 2014 in cooperation with several renowned concert halls and organizations in Budapest: the Franz Liszt Music Academy, Trafo House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest Music Center, Müpa Budapest and FUGA Budapest Center of Architecture, among others.

Polyphony – Unknown Ukraine

POLYPHONY was a collaborative research project involving traditional and contemporary music and performing arts to discover, record and promote the disappearing cultural heritage of Ukraine. The main goal of the project was to digitize and archive the last living peasant music in the remote areas of Ukraine and to present it Europe-wide by using contemporary tools of music and performing arts.