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Our inner stories connected to wars, enmity, traumas are part of our oral history overarching generations in our family and can not be shared easily as they are extremely subjective and intimate. Our Family House project aims to create a space in which these shared stories can meet and become something nonverbal. Content of the shared words can be transferred to music in the form of a mobile installation set up in four countries settlements.

The house-shaped installation travels to different settlements with the international artist group and collects reactions of the audience with a specific digital equipments placed inside will be specified by the artists involved during the project phase 1. The installation invites the audience to be “The Guest of the House”. When a guest enters, he is guided by light, sound, projection and decorations all over the wall, the journey starts whether its listening or speaking.

The composing based project works together with artists from different fields and countries and with communities of the selected settlements. Project will work together with 3-3 artist from 4 different countries. Project aims to create a coproduction between traditional music composers and underground music composers completed with artists from other field of arts: contemporary dance, visual arts, digital art, etc.

Involved countries: Serbia, Spain, Austria, Hungary.

The project’s trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8jb0clvrqM


Katalin György-Dóczy


2020 - 2023


Gryllus Samu (HU)
Black Page Orchestra (AT)
Festival Mixtur (ES)
Youth cultural centre of Vojvodina (RS)