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The Big Green

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With our flagship project, The Big Green, we are bringing environmentally-engaged artists under one large-scale umbrella initiative and experiment with innovative ways of using art to promote sustainability.


• Positive Utopias:
We urge artists to create forward-looking, positive narratives which expand our imagination and our concept of what is possible. They should draw attention to the opportunities in switching to more sustainable ways of living, rather than focusing exclusively on the threats of climate change.

• Artivism:
Using art as a tool for fostering social change & disseminating critical information about the ecology and the climate.

• Ecological learning:
Using art as a method of learning about the environment. For many, art might also provide more sustainable ways of learning than what traditional curricula offer.

• Natural heritage interpretation:
Reinterpreting what role our environment plays in our individual and collective identities, our relationship with nature, our responsibility towards it, what we inherited and what heritage we pass on to the next generations.

• Research:
Measure and analyse how art can contribute to behavioural changes related to social-ecological transformation.

• Policy & framework building:
Sharing best practices, providing guidelines on how artists and scientists can best work together, build a facilitative policy environment to better exploit the potentials of the sector in promoting sustainability.

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