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THE SCHOOL OF ENOUGH – Call for arts practitioners and activist initiatives based in Europe

Are you concerned about the unsustainability and the injustice of our current growth-driven economy? Do you believe that human progress should be redefined in pursuit of well-being, social justice and ecological welfare rather than GDP or mere technological innovation? If you are eager to work towards a postgrowth society, this call is for you.

The School of Enough is looking for four teams to take part in a 2-year program that fosters collaborations between activist and artistic practices around the multiple social, political, environmental and cultural challenges of a post-growth transformation of our lifestyles. Applicants should be interested in exploring this field of thinking and practice collectively and to develop projects through a process of co-learning and mutual support.

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First Europe – Open Call for Testing Artists

First Europe Project’s aim is to bring prehistoric society closer to contemporary audiences by placing the unique European archaeological heritage of Lepenski Vir, Serbia in a new context. We will explore three themes with new interpretations, focusing on social relations, issues, and processes that are still evolving today. We are looking for artists from Serbia, Hungary and Italy who are engaged in the topics of nature, tradition, history of humanity and cultural heritage.

Open Call For Art Commissioners

Open call for artists at IICCA  – DemArt

Under the DemArt project, IICCA is looking for individual artists/ artist groups / collectives who wish to contribute to the community of the 7th district of Budapest through developing an art piece. Artistic projects can be proposed from, and involve any artistic discipline (visual, performing, sound, mixed etc.) but must contain long-lasting impact and engagement for the local community. Submitted projects will be assessed by a group of art commissioners from the local community.


Call for the residency program of our RE-IMAGINE project

Dear artists and cultural workers, we are thrilled to invite you to participate in the RE-IMAGINE Green Residency Program, a unique opportunity for critical minds to engage in transformative projects addressing the urgent challenges posed by climate change. The RE-IMAGINE Green Art Practices on the Margin project is a pioneering regional initiative, focusing on the green transformation of the performing arts sector, particularly in the Balkan region and Central Europe, where the green transformation processes are at their early stages.