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Artists Selected – DemArt Project for the Seventh District of Budapest

The International Institute of Community Commissioned Art (IICCA) was co-founded by Bethlen Theater (Bethlen) / Pro Progressione (HU), Art Transparent (PL), and New Theater Institute of Latvia (LV) as part of the DemArt project. Its goal is to democratize art funding and commissioning practices in local municipalities and other cultural organizations, as well as empower local communities to support their cultural needs.

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Academy for Actors of Civil Change focusing on Artivism – 2023

We organize yearly our Summer Academy Erasmus+ programme, which focuse on social change. In 2023, the 2-week training programme invited professionals of social and educational fields coming from different countries from all over Europe and Erasmus+ eligible countries. During the program, the participants could gain an insight into a unique merge of socially engaged art techniques developed by experts throughout years of practicing and teaching within the field of socially engaged arts. Thereby the program provided them the opportunity to learn formal and non-formal artistic methods and put the newly gained knowledge into practice with the help of professional advisers.

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Academy for Actors of Social Change – 2019

In 2019, the Academy for Actors of Social Change improved and widened the skills of professionals of social and educational fields, youth workers and individuals working with underprivileged people in remote areas of the world. The two-week programme invited 40 young professionals representing 8 organizations from all over Europe to learn and experiment with new ways of working with underprivileged youth through special social art practices in the fields of Theatre In Education techniques, mask & object work, psychology, sociology, music and other disciplines.

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Academy for Actors of Social Change – 2018

The Academy for Actors of Social Change in 2018 aimed to improve and widen the skills of professionals of social and educational fields, youth workers, and individuals who worked with underprivileged youth in remote areas of the world. It was an educational project that combined the positive characteristics of pedagogy and added an innovative layer from the performing arts, methods used and improved by experts.

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Summer Academy – 2017

Our Summer Academy for Non-Formal Youth Practices aimed to address the challenges taking place in the education of underprivileged children from remote areas, facing a lack of basic human competence. Based on the recognition that stage is an exceptionally effective asset of community building, our core team established new ways of social work through arts and culture to work with the disadvantaged youth.