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Call for External Evaluation Expert – Contested Desires: Constructive Dialogues

The Contested Desires: Constructive Dialogues (CDCD) consortium is looking for an Evaluation Expert with a strong background in cultural exchange and participation. This freelance role involves advising on data collection and contributing to reports, supporting the programme evaluation rather than conducting it. The evaluation itself will be carried out by the consortium.

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First Europe – Open Call for Testing Artists

First Europe Project’s aim is to bring prehistoric society closer to contemporary audiences by placing the unique European archaeological heritage of Lepenski Vir, Serbia in a new context. We will explore three themes with new interpretations, focusing on social relations, issues, and processes that are still evolving today. We are looking for artists from Serbia, Hungary and Italy who are engaged in the topics of nature, tradition, history of humanity and cultural heritage.


Art residency – ECHO Academy

The Echo Academies Artist Residency, conducted from September 4 to September 24, 2023, was a comprehensive and transformative international program that revolved around the exploration of Budapest’s urban industrial heritage between 1860 and 1960. This event brought together ten exceptionally talented artists who embarked on a unique and inspiring creative journey. It was designed to empower artists with the knowledge, skills, and creative energy needed to bring their artistic projects to life, particularly within the context of Budapest’s industrial history.

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Art residency in Lepenski Vir – First Europe

FIRST EUROPE aims to promote and celebrate Europe’s archaeological heritage, with a focus on the captivating site of Lepenski Vir in Serbia. A team of Máté Czakó, Pier Lorenzo Pisano and Ljubomir Nikolic has been working on the artistic concept of the project. Recently, they selected two artists (Alice Norma Lombardi and Patryk Matela) to join the residency. The artistic team and the project partners started working together between July 10 and 22. Mátyás Marofka, the coordinator of the residency, reports on the event.

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ECHO Academies in Budapest – Open Call for Creatives

As a part of ECHO Academies Project, a Creative Europe project coordinated by InterAlia, ECHO Academy in Budapest is looking for photographers and architects who are motivated to contribute with new artistic perspectives on the topic of Urban Industrial Heritage. The project aims to nurture talents, build capacities, create networks, allow synergies and expand the visibility of artistic works on a cross-national and international level.