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Polyphony – Unknown Ukraine

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POLYPHONY was a collaborative research project involving traditional and contemporary music and performing arts to discover, record and promote the disappearing cultural heritage of Ukraine. The main goal of the project was to digitize and archive the last living peasant music in the remote areas of Ukraine and to present it Europe-wide by using contemporary tools of music and performing arts.

The aim of the program was to identify and capture the extinct peasant culture in Ukraine and make it available to everyone through an open source online platform. The second phase of the project focused on the promotion of traditional folk music and peasant culture, not least the resulting archive. Our aim was to present our traditional cultural heritage in a contemporary context, bringing the urban and rural populations across Europe closer together.

During the project we not only collected and preserved the disappearing cultural heritage, but also presented it in its own context with contemporary tools. The visible results of the project include an interactive online archive, workshops, publications, concerts and presentations at various European music festivals.


Viktória Salgó, Tímea Szőke, Barna Petrányi


2017 – 2019


Both Miklós (HU)
Ördögkatlan Fesztivál (HU)
Ivan Honchar Museum (UA)
Di Mini Teatro (FR)