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Our partners in the project: IVAR Studios (SE), HOWEST (BE), KÖME (HU), Lepenski Vir (RS), NaFilm (CZ), NOVENA (HR)


IVAR Studios is a Nordic immersive studio, working at the intersection of storytelling, technology, and communication within 360-video, VR, and Augmented Reality. From the base in Stockholm, they work with international clients such as National Geographic, Nikon, UNDP, and Plan International to build new channels and create more engaging stories.

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Howest, Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen, is an atypical, creative, innovative and enterprising university of applied sciences and arts. Exploring the talents and passion of each student, Howest coaches its students to become competent, highly employable, team oriented professionals, able to anticipate the developments in our global society. Howest works in a close partnership with and for the regional and international work field. Consequently, Howest integrates leading, socially relevant and competence-oriented education, valorization-oriented research and services in all its study programmes. Howest is an open and pluralistic university of applied sciences and arts, with respect for diversity. Howest inspires its staff members and students to integrate its core values in their personal and professional lives.

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The start of Association Cultural Heritage Managers goes back to 2012, when freshly graduated students from the first Hungarian postgraduate heritage manager course decided to create a civil professional organization. At that time, the heritage profession needed independent platforms organized from bottom-up as well as today, and KÖME became one of the (plat)forming elements: in fact, they wanted to be the pioneer. Since then, KÖME broke up some solid panels, started professional discussions, swung important but missing topics, and worked out its own trainings, but always stayed unbroken in the commitment of connecting heritage-related professions, knowledge, colliding views, strengthening the refreshing potential, preparedness, internationality of the national heritage profession.

The KÖME members are working across Hungary, and amongst them one can find architects, archaeologists, art historians and people dealing with theatre art or environment protection.
As a professional association the strengths of KÖME hide in collaborations and using differences as values.
The motto: (Let’s do) Heritage together!

The principles of KÖME:
– complex point of view of heritage
– partnering and being a bridge
– to experiment
– professionalism and intelligibility

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Lepenski Vir is one of the most interesting prehistoric cultures on the river Danube, and it was absolutely unknown until its discovery in late 1960’s. Very soon it was clear that people who lived on Lepenski Vir formed one of the oldest organized human settlements in Europe, dating for more than 9000 years in the past. They were among first architects by constructing their houses in a very specific shape. But more than anything they were among the first sculptors who were making unique sandstone sculptures, which was visualization of divine creatures or even gods.

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The National Film Museum NaFIlM, located in the heart of Prague, is the first museum of its kind in the Czech Republic. It offers innovative, interactive installations and countless opportunities for all generations to discover how film works and its fascinating history. The young team of curators and artists combine analog and digital approaches throughout the exhibition – from reconstructed projectors to holograms, virtual and augmented reality, which allows them to explore their connection to the beginnings of cinema. The museum was built from scratch and is still growing, looking to evolve and be enriched with new partnerships.

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Novena is a multimedia and software development company from Zagreb, Croatia.

Our team of experts has been creating innovative multimedia solutions for customers in Croatia and abroad for more than 25 years. Our motto is constant development and growth with continuous monitoring and adoption of the latest technologies; we live by new beginnings.

We engage in concept, consulting, planning, design, and production of multimedia projects, digital media design, design and production of printed materials, programming applications, web application development and design, games design and development, 3D modeling and animation, VR & AR, photo, video, and audio production.

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