The selected artists who will be involved in the project work will work closely with an experienced museum professional to help the teams work professionally throughout the project. Our trainers:

Tolnay Zsuzsa

Zsuzsa Tolnay is a nature conservationist and world heritage expert. Deep-rooted motivation led her into the world of heritage interpretation, covering all areas of it, from design through training to implementation. Throughout her career, she has also worked on aspects of heritage protection such as the development of management plans, strategic documents, community development programs and the organization of partnership-based events.


Árpád Bőczén is an architect, a builder and participant in collaborations not only between buildings, but also between communities, systems related to music and other cultural heritage, and especially between people. His main area of ​​interest is the diverse interpretation of the world around us, helping the mutual understanding of different perspectives, i.e. the interpretation of heritage. He is the founding president of the KÖME – Kulturális Örökség Menedzserek Egyesülete (Association of Cultural Heritage Managers).


Árpád Bayer is a historian and museum game designer. He came back to the heritage and history from the world of team builders and escape rooms to pack learning into an experience. Open History provides a framework for this.