Muse Ar Event Cover

MUSEar – Site Visits // First impressions

The aim of our MUSEar project is to create a platform that will help cultural institutions to work with their collections in an innovative and meaningful way.

In the beginning, we selected nine artists who will work with the three sites involved in the project to create a new digital tool to explore new narratives for museums. As the first step, the artists visited the venues (three participants per site) to gather their first impressions – these occasions are captured in this video created by IVAR Studios, which is the essence of the artists’ on-site videos and photos.

Artists who joined our project:

Jakub Jiřiště, Vojtěch Rada, Matthew Dunstan, Nándor Laklia, Bálint Márk Túri, Dorka Kovács, Claudio Beorchia, Mátyás Kálmán, Vojěch Leischner


National Film Museum (NaFilM) – Prague // Czech Republic
Lepenski Vir – Republic of Serbia
Iron Curtain Museum – Felsőcsatár // Hungary