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First Europe

FIRST EUROPE aims to promote and celebrate European archaeological heritage with a special focus to the fascinating site of Lepenski Vir in Serbia, which formed one of the oldest settlements in Europe, hence the name of our project: FIRST EUROPE.

We see that there are two main reasons why certain archaeological objects and sites are not part of the common European perceptions and cultural tourism. One tangible reason for this is that these sites are often situated in rural areas cut from the settlement networks and therefore difficult to access, and the other is that the further we go back in time, the less data we have, and therefore fewer points of contact with contemporary society. Yet the communities of these bygone civilisations were not so different from the people of today. On the other hand, the scarcity of scientific data also leaves room for the imagination, so that art can play a significant role as a mediating force in finding connections between past and present societies.

We not only want to make this knowledge relevant, but also want to provide a new way of co-creation. An effort in the support to cross-border contemporary creation will lead to reinforcement of the reimagination of history, from the perspective of its links to contemporary society and its existing cultural practices.

The project is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union


Dániel Poulet


2023 - 2024


Y csoport (HUN)
Lepenski Vir (SRB)
Eccom – Idee per la cultura (IT)

Open Call

First Europe – Open Call for Vocal Artists

First Europe Project’s aim is to bring prehistoric society closer to contemporary audiences by placing the unique European archaeological heritage of Lepenski Vir, Serbia in a new context. We will explore three themes with new interpretations, focusing on social relations, issues and processes that are still evolving today. We are looking for two vocal artists or singers who are experienced with improvisation, and who are engaged in the topics of nature, tradition, history of humanity and cultural heritage.