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First Europe – Open House on 22 February

Within our First Europe project we are looking for artists from Serbia, Hungary and Italy who are engaged in the topics of nature, tradition, history of humanity and cultural heritage. On February 22, from 15:30 to 17:00 CET, the FIRST EUROPE team will present the project at the Open House event and provide an opportunity for potential applicants to meet with the project team, learn more about the project and the Opera Hackation performance, and ask questions.

Deatails about the Open House Event:

First Europe Project’s aim is to bring prehistoric society closer to contemporary audiences by placing the unique European archaeological heritage of Lepenski Vir, Serbia in a new context. We will explore three themes with new interpretations, focusing on social relations, issues, and processes that are still evolving today.

Project partners: Y Csoport (HU), Museum of Lepenski Vir (RS), Pro Progressione (HU), ECCOM (IT)
Artistic Leadership: Máté Czakó (HU), Ljubomir Nikolic (RS), Pier Lorenzo Pisano (IT)
Core Artists: Alice Norma Lombardi (IT), Patryk Matela (PL)

The full Open Call is available here: https://proprogressione.com/en/news/first-europe-open-call-for-testing-artists/

If you could not attend the event, we have some good news!
>>Here you can watch the recording of the event.