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ECHO Academies

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ECHO Academies, based on the experience of implementing “ECHO: European Cultural Heritage Onstage” and “ECHO II: Traditions in Transition”, addresses issues of visibility, networking, employability and opportunities to enter the art market for new European talents. For that purpose, it uses heritage as an inspirational tool, building on the values of the European and glocal perceptions of heritage.

Having an EU and non-EU Balkan Region exchange focus and character, ECHO Academies aims to:

  • Cultivate and nurture young and emerging European talents from the fields of arts and the CCS in order to enhance resilience through monothematic, small-scale creative academies in the fields of comics, fashion design, music, photography and architecture by exploring different expressions of European heritage.
  • Offer training opportunities and build capacities for artists and CCS professionals in order to improve employability through Capacity Building Activities (CBAs) that offer new tools and skills.
  • Create networks between artists and CCS professionals with the art market by facilitating networking and synergy-building that will help artists generate jobs and growth, and
  • Promote artists and their work on the international level in order to increase opportunities and outreach by supporting them in terms of resources in the implementation of pilot projects for selected Academies’ artists in order to generate jobs and growth, and by performing targeted communication and dissemination of the artists, their artworks, and projects internationally.

ECHO Academies is co-funded by the European Commission under the Creative Europe Programme.

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Johanna Liber


2023 - 2024


Inter Alia (GR)
Sfera International (MK)
Open Space Foundation (BG)