Art residency – ECHO Academy

The Echo Academies Artist Residency, conducted from September 4 to September 24, 2023, was a comprehensive and transformative international program that revolved around the exploration of Budapest’s urban industrial heritage between 1860 and 1960. This event brought together ten exceptionally talented artists who embarked on a unique and inspiring creative journey. It was designed to empower artists with the knowledge, skills, and creative energy needed to bring their artistic projects to life, particularly within the context of Budapest’s industrial history.

Week 1-2: Online Component (September 4-15)
The first two weeks focused on virtual masterclasses and expert lectures. Artists received valuable insights into project management, marketability, and interpreting cultural heritage in the context of Budapest’s urban industrial history.

Week 3: In-Person Residency in Budapest (September 17-24)
The third week immersed artists in Budapest’s industrial heritage. Guided tours to sites like the Beer Factory of Kőbánya and Csepel Művek offered historical context. Consultations with experts provided personalized guidance, while a free day allowed for creative exploration. The week concluded with artists presenting their projects to a jury and an exhibition opening, celebrating their work related to Budapest’s industrial heritage.)

The residency program wrapped up with presentations of the pilot projects, which were developed through a combination of online presentations, face-to-face workshops, field visits and consultations over the previous three weeks. An esteemed international jury, featuring Dániel Kovács (architectural historian and curator of KÉK and the Hungarian Museum of Architecture), Flóra Kőszeghy (architect, freelance visual artist, and PhD candidate at MOME Budapest), and Adrian Labaout (architect, curator, artist, and PhD candidate at the Technical University of Madrid), evaluated the pitches and identified the three most outstanding projects. For additional images from the event, visit our gallery.
Recordings of the pitching competition are available here.

The winning artists, Diogo Pereira, Jacopo Brunello, Oleksandra Khalepa have been awarded to implement their art projects between July and October 2024 with the mentorship and financial support of ECHO Academies, funded by the European Union.

The artists participating in the residency program:

1. Oscar Lebeck
Oscar Lebeck Min

2. Oleksandra Khalepa
Oleksandra Khalepa Min

3. Marta Sofia Raña Marques de Almeida
Marta Sofia Raña Marques De Almeida Min

4. Mado Sirra

5. Kristóf Szabó
Kristóf Szabó 2 Min

6. Jacopo Brunello

7. Ivet-Anna Koleva Stoyanova
Ivet Anna Koleva Stoyanova 2 Min

8. Diogo Pereira
Diego Pereira 1 Min

9. Buse Elyas
Buse Elyas Min

10. Boglár Peruzzo
Boglár Peruzzo 1 Min