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The CREAMARE project aims to create a trans-national and cross-sectorial collaboration framework in which cultural organizations, scientific/research bodies, creative professionals, and technology experts co-produce CC applications and media contents to communicate, disseminate and promote Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH). Simultaneously, the project is raising awareness about relevant social problems like pollution and other environmental threats that affect the oceans.

The framework will be tested through the co-production of a Serious Game (SG) in which the player will be able to visit highly realistic 3D digital replica of underwater cultural sites. During these virtual dives, the player will solve enigma and challenges thus learning about both the UCH (shipwrecks, finds, submerged cities, ancient trade routes etc.) and the environmental threats (e.g.:oil spills from shipwrecks, ghost nets, illegal fishing, unsustainable boating practices, etc.).An ad-hoc web platform will be developed to facilitate the matching and collaboration among cultural organizations, creative teams, and technologies experts, providing tools dedicated to the management of data sharing, CC projects execution, IP protection/sharing. Specific on-line and on-site training activities (for 20 cultural professionals) will be organized to build the capacities of cultural institutions (2 partners + 4 external organizations selected through an open call) to autonomously create 3D models and digital contents of UCH and to use those datasets to monitor the conservation state of the cultural assets and, at the same time, to share them for the creation of digital apps addressed to communication and dissemination purposes. A residency program combined with on-line mentoring activities will facilitate the co-production, engaging also 6 external creative professionals selected through an open call.

The project is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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Dániel Poulet


2022 - 2025


3D Research (IT)
Atlantis Consulting (GR)
Pragma.Iot (GR)
Novena d.o.o. (HR)
Universidad de Cadiz (E)
Ministerio Della Cultura (IT)