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Journey to the Beginnings

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Journey to the Beginnings is a collaborative project involving prehistoric cultural heritage sites and museums, contemporary arts and new technologies to rediscover and promote the prehistoric cultural heritage of the ancient civilizations that lived along the river Danube.

The main goal of the project was to develop a new interpretive infrastructure for the involved prehistoric sites, their museums and archaeological parks by using cultural heritage as a source of inspiration for contemporary arts and new technologies. The project examined new ways of heritage interpretation to help enhance public appreciation of prehistoric cultures in all their forms and diversity. In the framework of the project we were fostering a cross-sectoral collaboration between archaeologists, museum professionals, contemporary artists and IT experts which resulted in live performances and a complex Augmented and Virtual Reality based application. The live performances were celebrations of the prehistoric cultural heritage taking the form of festivals at each site, and the application offered a sustainable interpretive infrastructure that developed the visitor experience. The Journey to the Beginnings project took on the challenge to tear down the walls between modern and ancient civilizations and connects them with the participation of art and science bringing the audience closer both to archaeology, contemporary art and modern technology. The involved archaeological sites are Lepenski Vir in Serbia, the Iron Gates Region Museum in Romania, the Vucedol Culture Museum in Croatia and the Matrica Museum in Hungary, embracing the history of 9500-6000BC, 3000-2500BC and 2000-1400BC.

Werkfilm about the work-in-progress premier at Százhalombatta, Hungary.

Creators of the Hungarian performance:


Máté Czakó – creative director
Balázs Zágoni – creative writer
Ljubomir Nikolic – composer
Ervin Šilić and Artur Šilić – VR & AR components
Joana Sofaer – creative archaeology


Viktória Makra · Rozália Kemény · Fanni Lakos · Dániel Szász · Richárd Bassola · István Gőz · Zoltán Rókus · Cristian But


Zsófia Huszár, Barna Petrányi


2018 - 2019


Matrica Múzeum és Régészeti Park (HU)
Kulturális Örökség Menedzserek Egyesülete (HU)
Vučedol Culture Museum (HR)
Lepenski Vir Archaeological Museum (RS)
Iron Gates Region Museum (RO)
University of Southampton (UK)