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GREEN E.Th.I.Cs – Green Experience through Theatre Inspiring Communities is a European social and community theatre project developed by 18 partners in 12 countries. It implements cultural initiatives of civic engagement to create climate change awareness and foster citizens’ critical thinking and proactivity with respect to the European Green Deal, through performing arts. It adopts playfulness to make climate activism more engaging, via board games, online games and theatre.

The project objectives are:

  • the GREEN SHIFT OF THE CULTURAL FIELD: making sustainability a main issue for professionals, providing technological infrastructures, protocols and expertise
  • the CULTURAL GREEN ENGAGEMENT OF THE AUDIENCES: involving them in artistic processes while enhancing critical thinking and providing accessible scientific information about climate change.

The project develops and brings to 110 Eu cities 2 innovative formats:
The GREEN E.Th.I.Cs LIVE Game: an interactive theatre show on environmental issues that uses performing arts to promote critical thinking and involves audiences in content creation, making them active participants in civic action. The format will be developed into its BOARD and ONLINE version;
Pedal-powered Theatre: a prototype able to fully power a stage with a co-generation system operated by bicycles that raises the audience’s awareness of eco-sustainability through an experiential approach.

The project will implement 110 LIVE Game performances, 1200 BOARD Game activities in schools, 10 capacity buildings and 30 artistic workshops for communities, 8 capacity buildings for culture professionals, exchange among 12 young visual artists, 12 conferences, 1 scientific publication and 1 photobook and the involvement of 100 professionals and over 45.000 citizens (mainly from disadvantaged groups in suburban areas). The project’s sustainability is built upon the creation of an Artistic European Network for Green Events. The main partners will share a Green Protocol and will cooperate with 64 associated partners to enhance communities’ involvement and dissemination.

Green E.Th.I.Cs. is a project funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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Bálint Antal


2022 - 2026


Universita Di Torino (IT)
Stichting Zid (NL)
Stowarzyszenie Teatr Brama Kulturalne Teatr Brama (PL)
Népkör Mmk (RS)
Residui Teatro (ES)
Omma Studio (GR)
Polytechneio Kritis (GR)