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Call for young graphic designers – Green E.Th.I.Cs

We are seeking a young visual artist for our Green Ethics project to collaborate on shaping the visual identity for both the project’s performance and the accompanying board game.

What is Green E.Th.I.Cs?

Green E.Th.I.Cs (Green Experience Through Theatre Inspiring Communities) is a social and community theater project that is developed by the interdisciplinary unit of 18 partners from 12 European countries, including theater companies, universities, research and cultural centers, social organizations, and public institutions.

The aim of Green E.Th.I.Cs is to contribute to making our society more sustainable and reducing ecological impact and CO2 emissions through artistic activities, particularly theater, while engaging citizens through art. The project is developed through cultural initiatives rooted in civic engagement, aiming to raise awareness of climate change and promote critical thinking and proactivity among European citizens regarding the European Green Deal.

How? Through the Green Ethics game and with an interactive theater performance about environmental issues, using performing arts to promote critical thinking and awareness regarding climate crisis issues.

Brainstorming Meeting

Each of the 18 partners of Green E.Th.I.Cs selects one young visual artist to participate in the establishment of an international group, which will spend 5 days in Stackarp, Sweden (March 3, 2024 – March 7, 2024). This group, consisting of lead artists and other international artists, will work together on creating the visual identity of the performance and its board game version.

We encourage the selected artists to explore both traditional and digital mediums, for which they will need their own tools. The final artwork will be produced in illustration form, excluding photographs or any moving media.

For the duration of the meeting in Sweden, we will cover travel expenses, accommodation, meals, and provide payment for participation in the project

  • Resume (in English)
  • Motivational letter (in English)
  • Age: 18-26
  • Fluent English language proficiency

You can apply at the following link!

The Green E.Th.I.Cs project is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.