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eARTh is a unique project designed by the Golden Movie Production, from Larissa, in collaboration with Associazione Casa della Città Leopolda from Pisa and Pro Progressione from Budapest, within the framework of the Creative Europe 2021 program.

The aim of the European Union-funded project is to create an original holographic show with innovative hologram technology and animation elements for the future of the planet, like no other before.

At the same time, the transnational artistic group will create three short documentaries on climate change under the responsibility of the Director of the Department of Meteorology and Climatology of the AUTH Professor, Christina Anagnostopoulou.

As part of its implementation, an artistic group – a boulouki as stated in the proposal – of young writers, directors, actors, cinematographers and other specialists from the three countries will come together to re-examine literary works through the lens of climate change, to forge a novel pan-European show with innovative technology.

At the core of the program lies the interaction and incubation of creative thinking on two universal themes and concerns: the narratives and stories about our home, the Earth. So what happens when we mix these two ingredients together?
When people come together to discuss, learn and create?

The European group of creators will be educated on climate change, will learn about screenwriting and storytelling, which will produce through a common, creative and innovative narrative for the future of our planet.

The eARTh program, in keeping with the “green” policy of the European programs, even planned the ecological transport of the artists from Greece, to Italy and then to Hungary with a bus, “the eARTh bus”, which will soon travel the streets of Larissa and other European cities.
The special bus will give participating young artists the opportunity to travel, bond and collaborate as a “boulouki” from the past, providing many unique opportunities for creative incubation while reducing the carbon footprint and fuel consumption caused by aviation and transfers.

Companions and Supporters on this European trip are already the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Municipality of Agia, the Nikos Kazantzakis Museum in Crete and the admedia21 Group, the first travellers with our ” eARTh “.

The main project implementation team consists of Paschalis Mantis – Director, Popi Anagnostopoulou – Production Manager, Thanos Kyratzis – Comic creator – Screenwriter, Ilias Mantis – Director – Cinematographer


Rebeka Wende


Golden Movie Production (GR)
Associazione Casa della Città Leopolda (IT)

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Open Call for Artist Participation in eARTh Programme

eARTh is an international 24-month art program funded by Creative Europe program. The strategic partnership involves 3 partners from Greece, Hungary and Italy – GM Studio, Pro Progressione and Casa Della Citta Leopolda – experienced in working with young people and innovative interdisciplinary media productions aimed to sensitise the public in climate change and bolster the European media heritage for experience gaining and creative engagement.