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Climate change is long-term and one of the major challenges to modern society. The current and future developments in terms of mitigation and adaptation to climate change impose the question of a comprehensive transformation of the whole society, including necessary changes in the fields of culture and art. The RE-IMAGINE project is one of the pioneering European cooperation projects in this field, focusing on the green transformation of the performing arts sector, especially in the context of the less developed EU countries.

The RE-IMAGINE project is oriented towards building the capacities of organizations and professionals in the field of performing arts (in first place in terms of theatre production) to achieve goals in the context of reducing CO2 and achieving zero waste production, as well as contributing to joint global society’s efforts to stop the further escalation of this problem. Therefore, the project aspires to: an internal change related to the way of working in the field of performing arts, but also a significant change in the external action of the field—redefining the social role of performing arts’ organizations as agents of environmental change. RE-IMAGINE gathers civil society organizations working in Serbia, North Macedonia, Hungary, and Bulgaria as an example of peripherality in the performing arts (both in geopolitical and sectoral terms), which makes their green transformation even more complex and challenging. In this sense, by strengthening the capacity of such a target group, the project outcome becomes the model of support for the adoption of environmentally sustainable work procedures for organizations on the margin that run their businesses in turbulent and specific socio-economic contexts and that are already burdened by the difficulties of their own sustainability.

Re-Imagine is a project funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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2023 - 2025


Green Art Incubator (RS)

Arte Urbana Collectif (BG)

Pro Progressione (HU)

Lokomotiva – Center for New Initiative in Arts and Culture (MKD)