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Le Cake

Led by the French La Transplanisphère, the Le Cake project aims to bring together representatives from the cultural and creative sectors and other sectors to create innovative artistic works on the theme of sustainability, using the collective knowledge they have accumulated.

Le Cake Train 2022-2023

The first part of the project explores the impact of international agreements on sustainability (European Green Deal, UN SDGs, Euroean New Bauhaus, IPCC) on the Cultural & Creative Sector, and how sustainable solutions have been developed in other sectors (natural sciences, NGOs, municipalities) and how they can be transferred to the Cultural & Creative Sector.

Le Cake Lab 2023-2025

The second half of the project will use this knowledge to create innovative sustainability-related artworks.


Máté Tenke


La Transplanisphere (FR)
Ex-Quorum  (PT)
Teatro Rigodon (IT)
La métonymie / Le sas (FR)
The Shift Project (FR)
Ohi Pezoume / Urban Dig project (GR)
Pro Progressione (HU)
forum kunstvereint e.V. / Consol Theatre (D)