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Careers in the Common Good

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Our mission is to “Inspire the young adults of Central and Eastern Europe to apply their passion for the enrichment of their communities”. We do this through immersive ten-day programmes: a summer course for 18-25-year-olds and a project bootcamp for 25+. Young experts from the public, private and non-profit sectors teach interactive workshops on their fields (e.g. human rights, sustainability) and share their career paths and struggles. We guide participants in starting their own attainable projects. Through this, we also build a community of open-minded youth in the region.

Careers in the Common Good was born out of a desire to change the status quo and promote opportunities for Eastern and Central European youth. Even as young adults witness local and global challenges in education, the environment, health and more, they often lack sufficient resources to evaluate their options and determine the best way to apply their own interests and skills to their paths. Our mission is therefore to ‘inspire the young adults of Central and Eastern Europe to use their passion for the enrichment of their community’. We do this by educating them about sustainability, social progress and social entrepreneurship, demonstrating career paths in these fields, giving them tools of self-reflection and guiding them through the process of beginning and implementing social projects of their own. They learn tangible tools and methods to contribute to the common good.

Our programme, coordinated with the support of six partners, includes two ten-day courses: a Summer Course for 18-25-year-olds and a Project Bootcamp for those 25+. Workshop topics include climate change, democracy, self-reflection and work across public, private and nonprofit sectors. Participants also develop social projects-based on their interests-that, in addition to teaching them a wide range of practical skills, they can bring home and implement in their own communities. Participants are expected to take away a better understanding of themselves, their skills and their direction.

In August 2019, we kicked off the inaugural edition Careers in the Common Good with the Summer Course. Through workshops on sustainability, human rights, and social entrepreneurship, nine young adults from six countries explored some of the many ways in which they can make a difference.

Participants heard personal career trajectories and struggles from young professionals across widely divergent industries, and they spent daily dedicated time on self-reflection. Between workshops, the group explored Budapest, cooked together, and hiked deep into the Pilis forest. Participants also developed practical projects ranging from Internet literacy courses to implement in Serbia and the Czech Republic to a multilingual blog dedicated to making education information accessible.


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Kulturanova (RS)
United World College (CZ)
Vekker Műhely (SK)
Art Transparent (PL)