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Community (Builders) Under Construction

CUC // Community (Builders) Under Construction project aims to find new, innovative ways for art to contribute to community building in marginalized groups. The role of art in community building is getting more and more crucial, however, with the lack of a well-structured methodology and adaptable ethical framework, its direct effect is still unconscious and not sustainable.

Community is a fundamental basis of humankind. The desire for a sense of belonging is deeply wired in us millennia, while the ability to cooperate became the secret of our evolutionary success and ensured the survival of all individuals for many years.

The innovations of the 21st century have allowed us to redefine our attitude to communities. We can easily belong to others virtually and become members of a huge number of online groups, while traditional communities have started to disappear and lost their original functions. But do the new kinds of communities give us the same sense of belonging in the long term, and if not, who should construct the ones that can?

By opening a new point of view, we would like to make our communities, marginalized adolescents, the owner of the process, by empowering them to reconstruct their own community with the tools of art.

During the process, the theoretic and the practical work goes hand in hand.

In addition to building up a new, community-focused methodology, with the cooperation of 2 local experts from the social fields, our artists develop a code of conduct which can support future artists who wish to work in safe and ethical frames with marginalized groups.

With the cooperation of our ambassadors – choosen from the communities -, we aim to reach out to all the generations of the two communities, a Roma minority in Hungary and a group of refugees and migrants in France, to co-create a new narrative, a joint performance, and an installation about their identity in the 21st Century.


Némethné Molnár Anna


2023 - 2025


Pro Progressione (HU)
Associazione Culturale Effetto Larsen (IT)
Compagnie DK-BEL (FR)