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The reimagination and of the relationship between the European and African continent is at the heart of the DECONFINING project. The project aims to develop a practice that facilitates sustainable international cultural exchanges between the two continents, and can serve as a reference point for similar initiatives in the future.

The 12 organisations from 11 countries participating in the DECONFINING project believe that strengthening cooperation between Europe and Africa is essential in creating new narratives that can help us in building a more inclusive future. Through a series of partner forums, mini-conferences and joint artistic creations happening under the project’s framework, we intend to initiate a dialogue on the topic of deconfining.

Collaboration is a key element of the project – whether it is research, co-creation, or the touring and dissemination of the artistic work. In addition to the performances, art installations, podcasts and short films that will be born as the results of the African-European partnership, an online anthology will be produced as well, bringing together works of both African and European authors.

En Co Funded By The Eu Pos


Panka Paskuj


2022 - 2026


Institut Za Transmedijski Dizajn – Zavod Za Umetnisko Ustvarjanj (SI)
Zentrum Bundesrepublik Deutschland Des Internationalen Theaterinstituts Ev (DE)
Pro Progressione Kulturalis Nonprofit Kozhasznu Kft (HU)
Bodo2024 Iks (NO)
Kulturhauptstadt Bad Ischl – Salzkammergut 2024 Gmbh (AT)
Nacionalinis Kauno Dramos Teatras (LT)
Hrvatsko Narodno Kazaliste Ivana Plzajca Rijeka (HR)
Art Transparent (PL)
Institut Umeni – Divadelni Ustav (CZ)
On-The-Move.Org Aisbl (BE)
Goethe-Institut Ev (DE)
Ste Culture Funding Watch (TZ)