Why CCG’s Youth Week is interesting? We asked previous participants…

CCG is coming up on our third annual summer programme! Those on the ground are often the best positioned to tell it like it is…so we asked a few participants from previous CCG programmes about their impressions. Participants came from various countries from Eastern Europe and beyond. They had diverse ways to find their way to our events: through newsletters, Facebook group posts and by specifically searching for a project kick-off programme on Google. No matter the way, we were happy to get to know them and keep in touch as alumni!

New European Bauhaus

NEW EUROPEAN BAUHAUS, a new European movement

You might have came across the ‘New European Bauhaus’ term a lot of times on social media. That is one of the recent trending topics when it comes to EU Institutions or European organisations. But what does it mean exactly, how Pro Progressione is related to it, and how you can contribute to this new movement? Find out the answers from this blog post!