Academy Open Call

Autumn Academy, Academy for Actors of Civil Change – 2021

Are you working on solcial or educational field?
Are you working with undeprivileged communities?
Do you want to learn new techniques from international experts to learn new skills?

Here is your time!

Application Deadline: . October 3rd, midnight.

Academy for Actors of Civil Change is a 14 days long international training, with the aim of developing the skills of professionals working in the fields of youth education, social and creative practices. During the program, the participants can gain an insight into a unique merge of socially engaged art techniques developed by experts throughout years of practicing and teaching within the field of socially engaged arts.

During the training, participants will have the opportunity to get to know the diverse artistic and pedagogical methdologies of 8 countries’ experts working with disadvantage groups. The structure of the program is workshop-based , allowing participants to not only learn the theory, but experiment with and try out practical skilss and techniques as well. Throughout the Autumn Academy you will not only be able to expand your professional skillset, but you will further get the chance to ge to know other enthousiastic yet rigorous experts , and as such become a part of a wide, supporting professional network.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Partners: Anadolu University (TR) · Asociación Raíces de Coriander (ES) · Di Mini Teatro (FR) · Kulturanova (RS) · Pro Progressione (HU) · Sineglossa (IT) · Studio Skit (PL) · Záhrada (SK)

Funding: Erasmus+, MitOst, NKA, Tempus Public Foundation, Visegrad Fund

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