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Stronger Peripheries

The project's website

Stronger Peripheries is a large-scale cooperation project supported by the EU’s Creative Europe programme, gathering 14 partners, from 10 European countries. It acts within the performing arts sector through the creation of artistic productions, the training of creative and cultural workers, and the proposal of new cultural policies based on the promotion and assessment of participative practices. It is the inaugural project stemming from the Southern Coalition, an informal association that prompts cooperation between cultural agents based in the countries of the Mediterranean basin and the Balkans.

Stronger Peripheries is a network addressing peer-based activation of skills, and the cultural development of territories. It is based on an innovative tandem model, calling for joint work and dialogue between two partners for each action’s concoction.

Audiences’ outreach and development, artistic creation and capacity building activities will allow for multiple transnational mobility and cooperation opportunities throughout a period of four years (2020 to 2024), encompassing the following actions:

  • coproduction and touring of 12 new performances;
  • implementation of 21 capacity-building activities (including seminars and workshops), open to cultural workers and aiming at the development of new inclusive cultural models;
  • creation of 30 hosting communities, with which the artists are spurred to work on specific topics, grounded in local contexts;
  • holding of 2 International Conferences and 1 publication for the dissemination of the project’s results.

Stronger Peripheries is a project funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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