Kepler452 Album Ph Elisa Vettori (26)

Album * Kepler-452

An album of photographs is a time machine: every photograph is a story, every story is a window to an elsewhere, to ourselves of the past, to our loved ones, to the places we have lived. Going through an album means to sink into our unconsciousness, in our past lives and glances.

Memory and forgetfulness are the key words that motivated Kepler-452’s Album, a show that meets with memory and its fading.
An album without borders: an attempt and a search ignited by an image suggested by the animal world: how is it possible that all the eels of the world, at a certain point of their life, travel tens of thousands of kilometers on the bottom of the oceans to find themselves, driven by an ancestral memory, all together in the same place, to reproduce, die, be born again.
Theatre company Kepler-452 was born in 2015 in Bologna from the
meeting between Nicola Borghesi (author, director and actor),
Enrico Baraldi (author and director) and Paola Aiello (author and
actress). Kepler, since its foundation, has had an ambition: to open
the doors of theaters, to go out, to observe, through the lens of the
scene, what is outside, to investigate and bring on stage the lives
and biographies of non-professionals, magnifying their identities on
the stage.
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By Kepler-452 (Nicola Borghesi e Enrico Baraldi)
A co-production of Pergine Spettacolo Aperto, L’Arboreto Teatro Dimora and ProProgressione Ltd. as part of the European project Stronger Peripheries: a Southern Coalition
With the collaboration of Riccardo Tabilio
Technical concept Andrea Bovaia
Coordination Roberta Gabriele

The performance will be seen twice (14 September, 18:00 and 20:30) at Bethlen Téri Színház

Tickets: 2500 HUF

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