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Academy for Actors of Civil Change

We organize yearly our Summer Academy Erasmus+ programme, which focuses on social change as the title shows. The 2-weeks training programme invites professionals of social and educational fields coming from 8 different countries from all over Europe and provide them the opportunity to learn formal and non-formal artistic methods and put the newly gained knowledge into practice with the help of professional advisers.

This year there will be two new focuses, one methdological, one thematic. Methdologically, connected to our Academy+ project, we showcased the merged methdology of four prevailing methods, Narractive Creation, Forum Theater, Metamorhosis and Theatre in Education. Theamtically, funded by Visegrad Fund we had focused in part of the ttarining on reflecting upon and adapting tot he semi-peripheric position of the V4 region, with its specific conditions and challanges apparent in social art practices. We also organized an open day , embedded into a Conference, the closing of the project, where we invited professionals working in this field in Hungary or in the partners’ countries in order to build a professional network.

With our project we aim to tackle the obstacle of involving underprivileged youth in a discourse about their own lives and the topics affecting them, by giving social workers, pedagogues, artists and other professionals working in the field creative and artistic tools to reach and work with them. We intend to reach the result of more open-minded target groups, social workers with innovative and creative skills involved in the programme and beyond, inter-social beneficiaries and the change for a common creative process for interactive performances. Furthermore, we would like to enlarge the Social Art Practices network where individuals are not only acting locally, but across borders.

The project addresses a major problem of ignored and disregarded groups with the training of workers in the social, educational and artistic fields. We aim to educate and work towards an openness of the common mindset and to initiate Europe-wide social activities for the underprivileged.

With our exchange of workers, we support two target groups at the same time: the participants of the exchange and the groups they work with in their own fields. Our project broadens the mind of all involved groups coming from different social and educational backgrounds. The participants experience the differences between different cultures and subcultures and learn from each other.

Our recent OPEN CALL is available HERE


Katalin Gordos, Adrienn Lőrincz, Anna Némethné Molnár




Anadolu University (TR)
Asociación Raíces de Coriander (ES)
Studio Skit (PL)
Kulturanova (RS)
Záhrada (SK)
Di Mini Teatro (FR)
Teatro Terra di Nessuno (IT)