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OPEN HOUSE – Academy for Actors of Social Change focusing on ARTIVISM

This event is about to
– describe the Academy for Actors of Civil Change focusing on Artivism,
introduce the organizers and
answer the questions of the possible participants!

Academy for Actors of Civil Change focusing on Artivism is a 14-day international training inviting youth workers and socially engaged creatives to learn and experiment with social art practices. Participants will have the opportunity to discover different methods of socially engaged art with a focus on artivism.

During the program, the participants can gain an insight into a unique merge of socially engaged art techniques developed by experts throughout years of practising and teaching within the field of socially engaged arts.

It reflects current social, economic and environmental changes. It helps participants to process their feelings, thoughts and experiences related to this. Through the arts – Artivism, it gives them a tool to express themselves and be active, conscious participants in the changes.

The program has three main topics as
*inclusive societies*
*equality of all genders*
*environmental protection* and art.

The main connecting theme is activism, how people can get involved in art and how art can become a tool for social change.

The programme takes place in Budapest, Hungary between 1-16 July 2023.

17:00 – About the Academy for Actors of Civil Change focusing on Artivism project
17:15 – Introduction of the Summer Academy
17:30 – Q&A


If you are registering, you will receive the ZOOM link before 28th April.

The Open Call’s deadline is 1th of May 2023.
Find the whole call here: https://forms.gle/YYfYH1Aa72XJtRVB9

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Tempus Public Foundation, Small Danube Project Fund