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Insights from the Budapest Field Visit – PERFARE

The final field visit of our PerFare project took place in Budapest on May 27th and 28th. This time, we had the opportunity to introduce Hungarian organizations dedicated to connecting the welfare sector with the arts.

On the first day of the meeting, we welcomed at our Networking Café event:


On the first day in Budapest, we were first hosted by the leaders of the ArtRAVALÓ project. This project has been running for 7 years, helping many young people get on their feet, enter the job market, and develop self-awareness, confidence, and a sense of purpose. The project’s methodology prominently features experiential pedagogy, drama pedagogy, and theatre-in-education techniques.

Afterward, we welcomed the doulas and members of the EMMA Association to our office to discuss their work in the Roma community. Their presence really added depth and intimacy to our conversation, helping us understand the real-life situations and challenges they assist mothers with. We also had the opportunity to learn more about one of our selected artists, Vivi Papp, and her collaborative work with the EMMA Association, which offers mothers a way to process their childbirth traumas through storytelling.

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Considering the project’s focus, it was essential for us to visit MáSzínház. We got a close look at their processes, as we had the chance to observe one of their intimate workshops. We’re grateful for the invitation into this personal space and for the opportunity to participate in the activities at one point.

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The diverse program of this project meeting showed numerous ways in which art and culture can bolster different groups within the welfare sector. However, it also shed light on notable gaps and issues that demand significant support and assistance. This final study visit was often emotionally stirring and intellectually stimulating, and witnessing the indispensable efforts of these organizations was a unique experience for all of us.

Moving forward, PerFare‘s next phase will enable us to support the welfare sector through artistic activities and the arts.

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