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Szabihíd – Bridge of Freedom

A Szabihíd weboldala

The Szabihíd – Bridge of Freedom Project is a cooperation between Pro Progressione and VALYO – City and River Association.

The Szabihíd – Bridge of Liberty project (Szabihíd comes from the Hungarian nickname of the Liberty Bridge) is organized together by VALYO – City and River Association and Pro Progressione. Our organization is mainly responsible for the bridge’s artistic programme on the 4 weekends when the bridge is open for the public as a shared free space. We put together the events by keeping in mind that the audience of the bridge is the most mixed audience we have ever worked with. We plan the logistics carefully in order to make these events both freshly contemporary but not too abstract to go with the flow of the fiesta-like feeling of the bridge.

In 2019, many programs were organized by Pro Progressione.

Theatre performances, puppet shows and dance performances: Y Csoport – Ledpuppets: The Smallest OceanWillany LeóDani Varró and his contemporaries (KIMI performance)Ricotta – puppet tale about the friendship – by Napsugár TrömböczkyFolk Tales – by Réka BölöniInspirál Cirkusz JamAcroyoga Jam.

Concerts: Valami SwingPlaton KarataevRumba GitanaJ3ZZ – Jérôme Li-Thiao-Té.

Literary programs: Reading by Magyar Irodalomtörténeti Társaság Szépíró Tagozata Jelenlét KöreUnusual Literary Session with Színész BobPoetry post.

Community programs: Holy MassCommunity BreakfastFirst Hand About Homlessness – Situational GameFirst Hand About Homlessness – Living LibraryImprovisation Session with Itt és Most TársulatMystery on the Brigde – theatre adventure game.

Photo: László Spengler


Sára Pallag, Réka Orsolya Bogdán


2017 -


VALYO – Város és Folyó Egyesület (HU)