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Please ASK! (Art Science Kick) – Kick-off new methodologies in performing art and science collaboration

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Please ASK! consists in sharing knowledge and artistic practices for creation of Art and Science theatre performances, raising the competence and building the capacity of the organizations implementing the project.

After an initial stage of sharing artistic know-how and laboratory for trying out different approaches for art and science collaborations, each partner will create a science theatre performance in their respectful country. The theme and the target audience of each of these performances will be different as every project partner will have a local science partner for better realization of the project:

Arte Urbana Collectif (theme: astrobiology; local partners: Astronomy Department of Sofia University & Municipal Centre for Extracurricular Activities – Baykal village, audience: adults)
Pro Progressione (theme: ornithology, local partner: Hungarian Bird Association, audience: family audience)
Dafa Puppet Theatre (theme: quantum physics; local partners: Technical University of Prague & QWorld – QCzech, audience: young audience)

As a final stage of the project all three performances will be internationally showcased during the Theatre of Wonder, festival for art and science, in Sofia in 2025, accompanied by a conference and international dissemination of the project and its methodology.

Please ASK! is a project funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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Panka Paskuj


2024 - 2025


Arte Urbana Collectif (BG)
Pro Progressione (HU)
Dafa Puppet Theatre (CZ)