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The general concept of CREATResili is based on the approach of using creative means, especially social design to build the resilience of marginalized groups and raise awareness of social issues. Among a wide range of creative forms and expressions, our focus is on the socially engaged arts, which, due to its subject, targets social inclusion and enhances social resilience through creativity.

CREATResili’s first objective is to develop a methodology and build the capacities of creative minds: we gather professionals with different expertise (experts from creative, social, and e-commerce sectors) to build a comprehensive methodology and organise a training which shapes the mindset of creative thinkers practising social design. We will develop a methodology which puts a strong emphasis on how to engage with marginalized groups and how to involve them in the co-creation process.

Our second objective is to pilot the methodology: we put this method into practice and pilot it in a real, local context. We will summarize the experiences gained during the practice and share the piloted, valid method with creative practitioners who can apply it in other, different contexts. In this way, we will multiply the impact of the pilot project and indirectly reach more beneficiaries.

Our project builds on cross-sectoral cooperation as it brings together a governmental humanitarian and development agency (Hungary Helps Agency), an artistic hub (Pro Progressione), an NGO working with marginalized women (Jahjaga Foundation) and a tech company (Gjirafa). Furthermore, MOME University joins the consortium as an Associated Partner with its professional network and knowledge of social design.

CREATResili, led by the Hungary Helps Agency, is co-funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme under grant agreement No 101131281.

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Lívia Marschall


2024 - 2026


Hungary Helps Agency (HU)
Jahjaga Foundation (XK)
Gjirafa (AL)