Open Call Challenge: ‘Keep up or miss out’ – EU Digital Deal (EUDD)

Artists interested in exploring the profound connection between new technologies and democracy can now apply for our residency program. The theme for this open call is ‘Keep up or miss out.’

Artists are invited to investigate a range of topics, from the notion of truth in the information age shaped by algorithms, biases in AI, techno-anxiety, and the digital divides arising as a result of digitalisation to new forms of surveillance, intelligence, living, citizenship, or work. The selected artists will receive a 25.000 EUR grant to complete their project, the support of the group of experts around each residency, access to mentorship through an incubation programme, and the chance to show their work at Ars Electronica Festival, Onassis Stegi, and Laboral among many other locations.

Problem Statement

The advancement of technology is quicker than ever, and it is only going to speed up more. Individuals seem to have two choices: keep up with the quick pace and implement the use of new technologies in their lives, or slow down, miss out, and eventually experience tech anxiety.


Tech anxiety, exponential technology, humanity in technology, human rights

Challenge Description

In our current volatile world, the emphasis is not on whether technology will further develop but rather on how we humans keep up with it. Is the saying ‘whoever falls behind is left behind’ the way it goes? It is often said that new technologies should not be a source of fear but should be seen as an opportunity to use for our own advancement. But what happens to our humanity in this process? And more importantly, when such continuous, large leaps are expected to ‘keep up’ how do we preserve our humanistic selves and values in the middle of it all?

Getting lost, not knowing the exact time, being unable to look into our bank accounts—these are all things most of us do not struggle with anymore since we can carry the solution to all of the issues in our pockets. But where is the fine line between repeatedly adapting to trends and keeping our authentic, flawed, and very much alive selves? How do WE make technology humane? We offer a residency working with a cross-sectoral focus, resulting in interdisciplinary creation. Our challenge invites artists to imagine a world where technological advancements serve humane values.

Residency Details

In our residency, we are looking forward to receiving proposals incorporating and building on elements of the performing arts as well as the visual arts. We encourage artists to reflect on the challenge with regards to human rights, everyday life, individual well-being, communities, and solutionism. The residency offers an opportunity for artists to experiment with their ideas with the support of local experts in AI, space technology, and innovation, some of whom are also practicing art themselves. We celebrate new approaches, diverse genre and format usage, and sustainable artistic production.

Pro Progressione will channel its wide artistic network, professional partners, and team to accommodate the needs of the selected artist(s) during their residency.

For more information on the Open Call, please visit Open Call for Artists – European Digital Deal (EUDD)

The European Digital Deal project is supported by Creative Europe.