eudd open call

Open Call for Artists – European Digital Deal (EUDD)

European Digital Deal calls on artists interested in exploring the deep entanglement between new technologies and democracy to apply for one of 12 residencies.

Artists are invited to investigate a range of topics, from the notion of truth in the information age shaped by algorithms, biases in AI, techno-anxiety, and the digital divides arising as a result of digitalisation to new forms of surveillance, intelligence, living, citizenship, or work.

The selected artists will receive a 25.000 EUR grant to complete their project, the support of the group of experts around each residency, access to mentorship through an incubation programme, and the chance to show their work at Ars Electronica Festival, Onassis Stegi, and Laboral among many other locations.

Both individual artists and artist duos/groups/collectives are eligible. Applicants can submit up to 3 different proposals for 3 different topics defined by the consortium institutions and published here.

The Guide for Applicants details the eligibility criteria for applicants, the project’s scope and objectives, the application and evaluation processes, the application form requirements and where to apply.

Guide for Applicants is available here.

Other documents essential to the application process for this open call:
Challenges Booklet
• Frequently Asked Questions section on the website (updated regularly)

28. September 2023, 10 AM CET Open Call Launch
30. November 2023, 23:59 CET Open Call – Submissions Deadline
January 2024 Winners Announcement
April 2024 Residency Kick-Off Event in Budapest, Hungary & Linz, Austria
April – December 2024 Residency

For more information on the project, please visit EU Digital Deal’s website.

Press release of the Open Call is available here.