CLICA – Open Call for Artists and Scientists

CLICA is pleased to announce a call to action inviting artists and scientists to become part of this new and exciting Erasmus+ project.

CLICA is looking for artists and scientists who are interested in empowering young people through their practice to become campaigners and advocates for Europe’s ‘Man on the Moon moment’, as the European Green Deal has been characterised by the president of the European Commission.

Through your engagement with arts or science you will inspire, motivate and mobilise young people, to become artivists of change, through positive and hands-on climate justice actions. Artists, researchers and scientists who are interested in becoming part of this exciting opportunity need to be based in Hungary, Italy, Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Spain or Ireland.

All submissions must be sent digitally through the Application Form

Application deadline is the 1st of August 2023.

CLICA will create a bottom-up, all-inclusive youth movement, aimed at systematically increasing the policy’s impact for youth residing in European peripheries, civic deserts and rural areas. Despite being at the frontline of the climate crisis, these remote communities remain marginalised with their voices rarely heard at local and European levels.

CLICA will create hybrid Youth Assemblies, community spaces with both online and in-person presence. Each local Youth Assembly will run a series of community-building activities, microlearning programmes and workshops – or Open Labs – in collaboration with environmental scientists, multidisciplinary creatives, and policymakers. The learnings and synergies from these Youth Assemblies will be jointly discussed at an EU-level Open Lab in Finland to which each local hub delegates a representative. These workshops will generate solutions that increase the embedding of the European Green Deal (EGD) amongst marginalised youth communities. In other words, the Open Labs aim at 1) the political activation of marginalised youth in the context of climate change, 2) their empowerment through better exploiting the opportunities offered by the European Green Deal and 3) providing them with innovative tools that facilitate their empowerment.

In terms of methods, CLICA promotes informal learning and contributes to its role in developing young Europeans as agents of change. Youth will utilise artivism – the merging of art and activism- as a means of civic expression and political communication both with peers and policymakers in order to structure and communicate their ideas on how the EGD can impact their lives for the better. Partners, stakeholders and the community will capture local and EU-level narratives, helping them assess how interventions and life choices of young people are civic actions that have political significance (Bennett 1999). This will create a two-way learning and dialogue that increase the impact of the EGD amongst youth communities as well as empower youth to position themselves at the centre of the change that the policy is aiming to have.

For more information about the project, please go to the official website of CLICA