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Academy for Actors of Social Change – 2019

In 2019, the Academy for Actors of Social Change improved and widened the skills of professionals of social and educational fields, youth workers and individuals working with underprivileged people in remote areas of the world. The two-week programme invited 40 young professionals representing 8 organizations from all over Europe to learn and experiment with new ways of working with underprivileged youth through special social art practices in the fields of Theatre In Education techniques, mask & object work, psychology, sociology, music and other disciplines.

We contributed our knowledge to community building through best practices of social theatre and performing arts practices, and in 2019, we used a more and more popular applied theatre practice, Theatre In Education (TIE), consisting of performing in an educational setting for youth, including interactive and performative moments. This form was complemented with various creation methods such as music, slam poetry, circus arts, puppetry, etc., thus broadening the scale of art fields and tools of expression. Our long-term aim was to reduce the difference between social ranks, create more understanding, and learn from each other.

With our project, we aimed to tackle the obstacle of involving underprivileged youth in a discourse about their own lives and the topics affecting them, by giving social workers, pedagogues, artists, and other professionals working in the field creative and artistic tools to reach and work with them. We intended to reach the result of more open-minded target groups, social workers with innovative and creative skills involved in the program and beyond, inter-social beneficiaries, and the change for a common creative process for interactive performances. Furthermore, we wanted to enlarge the Social Art Practices network where individuals were not only acting locally but across borders.


Nemzeti Kulturális Alap
Visegrad Fund


20 Stories High (UK)
Anadolu University (TR)
Asociación Raíces de Coriander (ES)
FysioART (CZ)
Gente Gente (FR)
Meteorit Festival (SK)
MitOst e.V. (DE)
Pozorisni Studio Nada (RS)
Studio Skit (PL)
Tudás Hatalom és Horváth Kristóf ‘Színész Bob’ (HU)