The Tragedy of Man

The Tragedy of Man by Imre Madách is one of the most outstanding and grandiose works in the history of Hungarian literature, which, with our initiative, is now embarking on a whole new journey in a new guise. The venue of our site&space-specific performance is the Városmajor Open-Air Stage and the surrounding, unused and forgotten park, which can be rediscovered by creators and participants as an inalienable part of the performance, and its “repertoire” can be expanded with new meaning and memories.

Our form-breaking contemporary dance performance takes place in 13 different locations (with two turns) within the park; each scene of the drama is dreamed up by a talented and acclaimed choreographer, thus showcasing the diversity of the world of contemporary dance, the variety of different styles and techniques, and the potential of interdisciplinary cooperation.

We record the short, 2-3 minute length choreographies and place the AR/VR videos on a map attainable from an online interface that makes this special and unique cultural experience accessible to anyone. This creates an eternal performance for the present and posterity, a good example of times and situations when traditional theatrical life ceases to exist as such it was, and moves creators and audiences out of the world of the familiar ‘frontal’ theatrical experiences – for an and a half hour.

We create the performance with the help of a drama instructor, so it is especially recommended for schoolchildren, teachers – as an inaugural lecture -, but also for those who are interested in contemporary dance, and anyone who is open to the marriage of old and new, familiar and unusual, conventional and extraordinary elements.

Creators: Ádám Bot, Gyula Cserepes, András Déri, Rita Góbi, Júlia Gyulai, Bettina Jurák, Emese Kovács, Levente Lukács, László Mádi, Viktória Makra, Lili Raubinek, Gáspár Téri, Sophie Zoletnik.

Drama instructor: Emese Nagy
Video: Sophie Zoletnik
Artistic leader: Grecsó Zoltán

The project is supported by National Cultural Fund.


Sára Pallag




Városmajor Open-Air Stage  (HU)