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The Rivers2Communities projects main objective is to further strengthen cooperation between contemporary cultural and creative scenes of Hungary and Serbia and among the societies, citizens in the bordering region by focusing on our mutual cultural identity represented in the rivers.

Historically, rivers are not only a main source and center of life, but carriers of meaning for human interaction. This project will bring the rivers and their use in the focus, creating platforms in the settlements both in Hungary and Serbia and will use cultural events as a tool to attract people to the rivers. The focus of our work is the identity of Tisza and Danube.

Through a series of activities such as educational and networking events, presentations and productions the projects intends to enforce knowledge within the creative sector, spark artistic collaboration between local scenes and the citizens, emphasize the role of young women artists and enable greater visibility of cultural products among audiences in the border region, intensifying the feeling of the belonging to a common area.

The second level is to create a platform for promotion and co-creation of young artists. Fresh films, music, visual works and performances which communicate with a universal language and represent popular and effective mediums for expression of human ingenuity, will be presented, while in a same time the project will bring people back to the rivers and possibly create infrastructure for a future use and thus creation of a new touristic products in given local settlement.

The program implementation is in a strong collaboration with local communities, they become not only part of the artistic creation, but they decide together what to create and share with communities of the same river but from the other side of the border. The project will have a long term impact as we create a platforms which will be a gift from a settlement and its citizens from the bordering country and stay there.

The project is supported by Interreg IPA CBC / Hungary – Serbia and Széchényi Program.


Sára Pallag


September 2020 - February 2022


DDTG Duna Fejlesztő Transznacionális Csoport Nonprofit Kft. (HU)
Grand Café Szeged (HU)
Kulturanova (RS)
Udruženje Cinema City (RS)